TFP almost 30 years of experience

We have been washing for you for 26 years.
We deal not only with washing, but also ironing, labelling, service of clothes and leasing of hotel linen.

About us

Our company has entered the market in 1995. Our core business is finished product refining. We wash and iron all kinds of textiles, including bed linen, tablecloths and work clothes. We have a database of hundreds of clients in the hospitality, catering and service industries.

We also pack, label and tag finished textiles. Other services that we offer include hotel linen rental and workwear maintenance. We also offer cloth finishing services. From cleaning and ironing, to labelling and packaging.

since 1995

present on the Polish market

top 10

largest laundries in Poland

thousand m2

of production halls and warehouses


washed clothes and textiles


customers in Poland and abroad

Vision and values

We focus on continuous development. Our technologies are constantly being improved and our offer is expanding. We seek to guarantee end-to-end washing, steaming, ironing or packing services. We strive to ensure the highest quality. We use renowned machines and washing agents. We started as a small industrial laundry and have grown over 26 years into a company providing a range of textile finishing services.

Our offer is dedicated to business customers – tailoring companies, textile and clothing manufacturers as well as hotels, resorts, guesthouses, restaurants, wedding venues. Businesses looking for workwear services will also benefit from our services.


Our company was established in January 1995. Just a few months later – in May of the same year – we did our first wash. For the first few years we dynamically developed TFP, which led to building another facility. In 2005 and 2006 TFP was awarded the Business Gazelle award by Puls Biznesu for the most dynamically developing company. In February 2006, we stroke a record in assortments shipping – as high as 330 000. A year later we expanded our offer to include washing services for hotels.

Despite many experiences and successes to our credit, we do not stop developing. We keep introducing new solutions, applying innovative technologies and expanding our offer.


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We focus not only on a wide range of our services, but also on high quality. We have a close-knit and experienced team of employees who ensure accurate and timely completion of orders. Modern machinery ensures service of the highest quality. Each time we tailor our offer to the expectations of our customers. This is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates we hold.

GOTS certification was awarded to us for superior quality of our sales offer, textile steaming and packaging services.
The SCOPE certificate awarded to us is a confirmation of the best quality of our industrial washing and drying services.

Machine park

With the renowned, innovative and professional equipment we operate you can expect nothing short of top quality service. Our laundry features modern machines by Tonello of Italy. These machines are suitable to use the latest washing, steaming and mangling technologies. Tonello machines ensure reliability, fabric safety and an abundance of options.

This is key for us in providing all our services in an efficient and timely manner. From industrial washing, mangling, colouring, fabric and textile restoration to labelling and packaging of refreshed and finished products.

Logistics and transport

We operate spacious and well-equipped production halls and warehouses. All our washing and related operations use a space of approximately 1 500 square meters. Orders are handled by experienced and competent employees, whose primary goal is to complete them on time.

In 2006 our company set an unbeaten record with 330 000 orders completed and shipped. However, setting new records is not our focus; our focus is regularity, reliability and punctuality. Our customers opting for our finishing service, which combines washing, mangling, steaming as well as labelling and packing of textiles or fabrics, are also offered shipping.


Ever since we started our business, we have always been focused on developing and introducing innovative solutions. We want our customers to appreciate the superior quality, which we are able to provide owing to innovative technologies. And the long experience that we have can only help achieve it. For years now we have been testing different treatment methods that include steaming, water and enzyme washing, in particular of denim, cotton, polyamide, linen or viscose.

We have developed our own washing methods, without compromising on the safety and quality of fabrics and textiles. Not only do we use modern, Italian-made machines, but we also apply washing agents renowned in the industry, which cause no damage to textiles, but on the contrary, restore their shine.

Our services also include rental of hotel linen utilising a dedicated, modern system. We use innovative methods for washing, mangling, steaming and even labelling or packaging. This helps us serve more and more customers without compromising on quality. Our lead times are becoming shorter, and we ensure professional approach, on-time deliveries and assistance in selecting an optimal method of fabric refreshment.

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