Our experience in fabric finishing sets us apart. Products soiled when used by production staff is what we have been handling for many years; such textiles are mangled, labelled and packed by us. We offer an end-to-end finishing service for our corporate customers.

In-house transport and logistics

We pack and label finished products. We also ensure their safe and timely shipment. We handle all orders efficiently and professionally keeping at the same time high standards of finishing textiles and fabrics.

Our certificates

The superior quality of finishing services as well as our experience in handling them won us ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificates. You may rely on us for timely, professional and completely safe finishing of fabrics and textiles.

Explore TFP’s finishing services

We offer textile finishing to manufacturers of clothes and fabrics. The services we offer range from industrial washing with steaming (removal of defects and soiling during production and transport, hardening of textiles to ensure resistance to difficult conditions such as water or temperature), to ironing, labelling and packing of products ready for dispatch.

Range of services

– Ironing – we will remove all creases and imperfections that may occur in production or transport using the best mangling machines.
– Folding
– we will prepare all products for further transport and sale using innovative methods.
– Labelling
– we will label products with tags showing the composition of the product and the way of using it, necessary for the customer.
– Sorting and packing
– we will take care of the final preparation of products for shipment, packing  them in different materials – such as cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
– In-house transport
– having our own fleet of delivery vehicles we guarantee delivery of ready packed products to any destination.

Occurs in industries

Textiles and tailoring

Textiles and tailoring - TFP Żywiec - Industrial Laundry

We wash textiles for further processing, industrial washing can be one of the stages of finishing textiles.

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