Hotel linen rental

Through all these years on the market we learnt how to listen to our clients' needs which helped us launch new services. Hotel linen rental is an example of such new services. Linen rental helps our clients save money, which would otherwise be spent on linens, towels and bathrobes for guests, by opting for rented products of the best quality.

In-house transport and logistics

Rented hotel linen are delivered by us to any destination. Hotel linen transport is swift and safe, textiles never get dirty or creased during packing and delivery. Thus fresh and clean bedding for guests is always delivered on time.

Our certificates

Hotel linen cleaning and mangling is what we are really good at. The ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificates awarded to us are the best attestation of the supreme quality of the textiles we rent. We always deliver our services in a professional and safe manner.

Discover TFP's hotel linen rental services

Hotel linen must always be clean, ironed and refreshed. It must be free of any dirt, damage or stains. Take advantage of our offer and have your linen, towels and bathrobes of the highest quality. We offer hotel linen rental – textiles that are elegant, exclusive, made of the best quality textiles. We also offer cleaning, mangling and delivery of linen to hotels or guesthouses.

Range of services

– Linen Rental – we offer products of excellent quality. These include bed sheets, towels and bathrobes made of the best and most durable materials, safe to use and very smart.
– In-house transport – rented textiles can be delivered to any destination. Once hotel linen are washed and ironed, they can be delivered to the hotel or guesthouse.

Occurs in industries

Hotels and accommodation

Hotels and accommodation - TFP Żywiec - Industrial Laundry

We wash hotel linen, including bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins and staff clothing, ensuring the safety of fabrics and removal of difficult stains.

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