Hotels and accommodation

The highest quality of services is what always distinguishes any hotel or guesthouse. We will help keep that highest quality by making sure that linen, tablecloths, bathrobes and towels used by guests are always spotless, elegant and clean. Our services cover not only washing and mangling of hotel linen, but also handling business outfits of hotel employees.

We also rent towels, linens, bathrobes and tablecloths. These textiles are high quality, dirt resistant, very elegant and comfortable. All rented products are washed and mangled by us on a regular basis. Our services are always tailored to specific needs of our customers.

Hotel linen and business outfits are washed using only the best quality detergents. We operate state-of-the-art Italian-made machinery. All this prevents any deterioration of textiles, which retain their durability, freshness and new look. They do not lose their colour or properties. They stand out by their elegant style, impeccability and cleanliness.

We make sure that no stains are left on linens, towels, bathrobes, aprons, and business clothes. We mangle all products to keep them fresh and fragrant. We remove any creases and dirt.

We will deliver your clean and ironed hotel linen intact. We ensure swift nad safe delivery straight to your place of business. We know that hotel and guesthouse owners are particular about the highest quality and fastest order completion. With us – you can count on it. We also guarantee individual approach to each client. We handle each order with high priority and professional, dedicated service.

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We started in washing and mangling business almost 30 years ago. We developed our own cleaning and refreshing methods that ensure safety and quality of the fabrics.

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We operate a fleet of our own delivery vehicles. Our services include delivery of washed and ironed products to any destination.

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ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & GOTS

We have been awarded certificates that confirm the highest quality of the services we offer. We guarantee full professionalism and always deliver on time.

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We operate state-of-the-art Italian-made machinery and use renowned washing agents. We are focused on continuous development of our offer and services.

Explore TFP's services for hotel and accommodation industry

We offer water and enzyme washing of hotel linen. With the best washing agents we guarantee that the most difficult dirt and stains will disappear. Bed linen, bathrobes, tablecloths or employees’ business outfits that we clean never lose their colours or cut.


Hotel linen and business outfits of the staff of hotels and guesthouses is also ironed by us. This way textiles and clothes always look fresh and elegant. You will receive your textiles without creases, they will also be protected against creasing during transport.


Aprons of kitchen staff, outfits worn by waiters, maids, bellboys and reception staff must always look fresh and spotless. You may rely on our workwear cleaning and mangling service to receive workwear that looks smart and spotless.


Why buy hotel linen, when you can rent it. We offer rental of towels, bed linen, bathrobes, as well as clothing for hotel employees (aprons, outfits, etc.). All products that we offer are never short of high quality and elegant design. Plus we add regular maintenance service of the rented textiles.


Other TFP services for other industries


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We offer textile finishing to manufacturers of clothes and fabrics. With the variety of our services we can guarantee end-to-end finishing.

Electronic Tagging

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Owing to the use of modern technologies we are now able to offer electronic tagging of finished products – clothes, fabrics and textiles.

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