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Textiles and tailoring

TFP offers a wide range of services for textile manufacturers and tailor companies. Our expertise is in industrial washing and mangling of different types of textiles – from denim, cotton and viscose to artificial textiles. We also offer finishing service – from washing, steaming and mangling, to packing and dispatching.

We provide top quality. Our services for the textile and tailoring industry are always efficient, timely and accurate. Let us help you select the right services and advice on what you really need.

Part of our core business is services dedicated to the textile and tailoring industry. We guarantee attention to textiles and finished products. With our industrial cleaning methods we will remove any dirt from textiles soiled during the production stage. All washed textiles are mangled to ensure their freshness and durability. They are also tagged and packed.

Let us assist you in selecting the type of service that will best match your individual needs. We are open to all questions and suggestions. We guarantee full professionalism. Nearly 30 years in the business helped us discover and develop innovative solutions and creative methods. Working along with a great number of textile and tailoring companies resulted in proven techniques for cleaning, mangling and finishing of different types of clothing. We wash any type of textiles. No order is too difficult for us, and no stains too complicated to remove. We are able to solve any problem quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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We started in washing and mangling business almost 30 years ago. We developed our own cleaning and refreshing methods that ensure safety and quality of the fabrics.

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We operate a fleet of our own delivery vehicles. Our services include delivery of washed and ironed products to any destination.

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ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & GOTS

We have been awarded certificates that confirm the highest quality of the services we offer. We guarantee full professionalism and always deliver on time.

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We operate state-of-the-art Italian-made machinery and use renowned washing agents. We are focused on continuous development of our offer and services.

Explore TFP's services for textile and tailoring industry

Industrial washing services have always been in demand. Every piece of clothing – from pants to T-shirts – needs to be freshened and washed before it goes to the customer. This is why we offer a wide range of industrial washing services. Our services are dedicated to industries involved in tailoring and textile production.


We offer ironing of washed textiles. We will precisely remove any creases, folds and wrinkles. We operate the best, renowned Italian-made mangling machines. This guarantees that all textiles are ready for packing and shipping.


Our offer also includes textile finishing services, the final stage of production. It’s when textiles are cleaned from dirt caused during cutting and transport. Clean textiles are then mangled and packed as products ready for shipment. We operate our own fleet of cars, so you can leave shipping to us.


Other TFP services for other industries


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Our laundry offers workwear maintenance. It involves cleaning the clothes, removing even the most difficult stains. But we also make sure that the clothes remain fresh and durable for as long as possible.

Electronic Tagging

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Owing to the use of modern technologies we are now able to offer electronic tagging of finished products – clothes, fabrics and textiles.

Hotel Linen Rental

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Take advantage of our offer and get linen, towels and bathrobes of the highest quality. We offer hotel linen rental – textiles that are elegant, exclusive, made of the best quality materials.

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