Workwear Maintenance

Workwear cleaning was introduced into our offer some 26 years ago. We guarantee cleaning of the most difficult stains and dirt. We refresh workwear, restore its freshness, smoothness and shine. Our industrial washing and mangling is always safe for your textiles.

In-house transport and logistics

We will deliver washed and ironed workwear to your company. Your textiles will be transported safely and will arrive clean, with no dirt or creases. All deliveries are swift and efficient.

Our certificates

TFP has been awarded ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 quality certificates as a confirmation of the superior quality we deliver. You can rely on our reliable and timely services.

Discover TFP's workwear maintenance service

Workwear is exposed to harsh conditions. Working in production, contact with food, chemicals and easily soiling substances makes it necessary to thoroughly clean these clothes much more often. We do clothes cleaning, removing even the most difficult stains. But we also make sure that the clothes remain fresh and durable for as long as possible.

Range of services

– Repair – working in harsh conditions and exposure to different kind of substances means that workwear sometimes needs specialist repair. We will remove any workwear damage.
– Washing
– with modern methods of industrial washing (water, steaming, enzyme washing) we are able to remove the most complicated contamination and restore freshness and shine to work clothes.
– Stain removal
– working in factories, production, kitchens and many other places results in stains that are difficult to remove – but not for us. You will get rid of all the dirt without damaging your clothes.
– Folding and sorting
– washed and refreshed clothes are folded, sorted and packed. This ensures that nothing gets mixed up or lost in transport, and keeps your clothes clean and fresh.
– In-house transport – we offer delivery of washed, refreshed and repaired business clothes to any destination. We guarantee safe and fast delivery.

Occurs in industries

Production and industry

TFP Żywiec - Pralnia przemysłowa

With innovative washing and cleaning methods we are able to remove the most difficult dirt and stains that are usually the effect of working in a harsh environment.

Hotels and accommodation

Hotels and accommodation - TFP Żywiec - Industrial Laundry

We wash hotel linen, including bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins and staff clothing, ensuring the safety of fabrics and removal of difficult stains.

Wedding venues and catering

TFP Żywiec - Pralnia przemysłowa

We clean the toughest dirt from tablecloths, aprons, napkins and staff clothing to restore their snow-white, elegant and clean look.

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