Industrial washing

Industrial washing has been our core business for the last 26 years. We have tested a great number of technologies and cleaning methods. We have developed proven washing methods, we use reliable and renown agents which help us achieve supreme quality and safety of cleaned textiles.

In-house transport and logistics

We pack the washed products and deliver them to any destination. Delivery safety is handled by our employees. We operate a fleet of vehicles and employ experienced drivers. Your laundered and ironed textiles will always be delivered to you without any problems and on time.

Our certificates

The supreme quality of our services is confirmed by the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 quality certificates awarded to us. We guarantee fabric safety, state-of-the-art methods and a wide range of services that are effective.

Discover TFP's industrial washing services

Industrial washing can be used in various industries – from the production of clothing (finishing services for materials before shipment), through industrial companies, hotels, restaurants and wedding and reception halls. Our offer includes the three best services, tailored to various types of dirt or defects. The type of industrial washing is adjusted to the cleaned materials.

Range of services

– Steaming – softening washing, enzyme washing, making fabrics hydrophilic or hydrophobic, giving fabrics a paper or silicone grip, 3D effects, antiquing of denim products, damages etc,
– Water washing – a standard cleaning technique for refreshing textiles, can be used as one of the finishing steps in production,
– Enzyme washing – a washing technique that refines fabrics using a high concentration of washing agents and enzymes, to increase the durability of the fabric and improve its appearance.

Our employees will help select industrial washing techniques appropiate to the textiles and fabrics of our customers. We will welcome you contacting us to discuss the details and choose the best method of washing and cleaning.

Occurs in industries

Textiles and tailoring

Textiles and tailoring - TFP Żywiec - Industrial Laundry

We wash textiles for further processing, industrial washing can be one of the stages of finishing textiles.

Production and industry

TFP Żywiec - Pralnia przemysłowa

With innovative washing and cleaning methods we are able to remove the most difficult dirt and stains that are usually the effect of working in a harsh environment.

Hotels and accommodation

Hotels and accommodation - TFP Żywiec - Industrial Laundry

We wash hotel linen, including bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins and staff clothing, ensuring the safety of fabrics and removal of difficult stains.

Wedding venues and catering

TFP Żywiec - Pralnia przemysłowa

We clean the toughest dirt from tablecloths, aprons, napkins and staff clothing to restore their snow-white, elegant and clean look.

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